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Sparkle, Change log for July 29, 2012

It hasn’t been the most productive week, unfortunately. Monday and Tuesday were a real pain in the neck, and then Wednesday through today were a literal pain in the head, the gut, and just about everywhere else. Let me tell you: when you have a bad case of the flu–or whatever this was–coding is the last thing you feel like doing. Nevertheless, I made some progress today, so you’ll see what came about from two weeks’ worth of coding.

On an unrelated note, the sounds in this current concept are crap right now. Either that, or they’re borrowed from various other games I have lying around my hard drive. At some point, I’ll post a demo so you all can hear for yourselves, but in the meantime, I’d love for anyone interested in sound design to drop me a line. I’ll also eventually be looking for monster voices, so feel free to practice your goblin giggles in your spare time.

And now, the changelog:

  • 9:39 PM 7/29/2012 Cleaned up the collectible code to make it easier to add in new collectibles and items.
  • 8:50 PM 7/29/2012 Added in food. Need to make it transfer to the player’s inventory.
  • 10:21 PM 7/22/2012 Added skeleton keys to the list of available items.
  • 12:46 PM 7/22/2012 Made it so that the player’s carry weight is increased when he picks something up.
  • 12:31 PM 7/22/2012 Built in a trophy class, put one on the board.
  • 12:24 PM 7/22/2012 Made it so that the screen reader speaks the name of the item you’re trying to pick up.
  • 12:10 AM 7/22/2012 Created item sounds so that they have slightly different pitches. This way individual items are easier to hear and don’t blend together.
  • 10:58 PM 7/21/2012 Implemented collectible items on the ground. There is a gold pile in the level which you can pick up with z. (Z is my debug key.) Let me know if you have to stand too close to the gold to pick it up.