Much ado about … What?

                Randi mentioned in passing yesterday that it has been a lot of time since I wrote my last blog post. When I look over the progress I’ve made—or haven’t made—in the past 9 days, though, I can see why. Still, it has been an interesting thing to ponder.

                The beauty of Twitter and microblogging is the ability to make insignificant things sound more important. You might not write a whole blog post on what you had for breakfast, but you could fill 140 characters with that information. (Note: doing so, in my opinion, is really silly. People generally don’t care what you had for breakfast unless it was a plate of duck embryos.) Twitter is handy for those smaller thoughts one has; in my case it’s handy for the smaller updates. If I get a particular facet of something working, that’s worthy of a twitter update. If I finish a whole system, though, I’ll write it both places, and the blogged version will be fleshed out and thorough.

                I can see the other side of it too, though. Before Twitter, when places like Miriani and Star Conquest had online change logs, I would read them religiously. I would log on to them day after day in the hope that something new and exciting would be posted. When there wasn’t something new that day I would be disappointed. Now that I’m posting my own version of change logs, though, I understand why new content wasn’t forthcoming on a daily basis. I managed to get the timeline view of the opponent creator working on Sunday. I started writing a few dialog boxes. I don’t know that I could stretch that into 300 or 400 words worthy of a blog post, though.

                All this is to say that even when this blog isn’t updated, I am still working on the game. If you want more frequent thoughts and updates, GMPUpdates on Twitter is the place to check. If you don’t mind waiting between thoughts and developments, you can check this site as often as you like. I promise I won’t go dormant on anyone.

                In the meantime, though, I have an opponent creator to finish.

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