Sparkle, Change log for June 29

A lot of behind-the-scenes work has gone on this week, and my progress hasn’t been as quick as I had hoped. This is due in extremely large part to getting ready for the NFB national convention at work as well as the fact that I’m leaving for said convention tomorrow. I’ll be back in a week to pick up my work once more, but for now, here’s this week’s early change log.

  • 10:35 PM 6/29/2012Added in the basis for an attacks system, but it’s not in the game yet, as I just don’t have time.
  • 2:59 PM 6/29/2012 Changed the jump key from control to x to open up control for attacking
  • 1:41 PM 6/29/2012 Adjusted the depths of default pits so you can’t run jump out of them. If you fall into a pit, that’s your bad, and you’re climbing out.
  • Added in a system of momentum so that players can’t just run against a wall to get the benefit of a walking/running jump.
  • 8:26 AM 6/29/2012 Fixed it so that releasing the left shift key stops the player from sprinting
  • 11:13 PM 6/28/2012 Took out the instant stop for colliding with a wall. Need to figure out an effective way to let people know they’re above a wall and able to move forward. As it stands now, the best method is to run to the base of a wall and jump straight up. That’s not what I had in mind.
  • 10:36 PM 6/24/2012 Widened the pits back out to 5 steps. It’s impossible to stand jump over them, barely possible to walk jump across them, and an absolute breeze to run jump across them.
  • 10:28 PM 6/24/2012 Fixed a bug that was pulling the player out of a jump way too early, but now his jumps soar as on the wings of eagles. Please help balance this.
  • 9:27 PM 6/24/2012 And we have running. Hold down left shift to accomplish it. Like so much else, this needs to be balanced.
  • 10:06 AM 6/24/2012 Put a guard into the vertical collision method so that you can’t jump out of the top of the level
  • 9:18 AM 6/24/2012 Brought the level of the ceiling way down so that it doesn’t take a full minute to climb from one chamber to the next
  • 11:28 PM 6/23/2012 Fixed a bug in jumping that allowed the player to jump while in the air

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